My Copywriting Terms & Conditions

Set out below are my copywriting terms and conditions that shall apply for all assignments. They are written so that you'll know what you can expect from me; and also what I expect from you. Please read them fully before commissioning me to write for you. I've tried to keep them as simple and easy to understand as possible. But if I've failed, and there is something you're not clear about, please let me know.

These Terms and Conditions replace all previous versions. Amended: 3rd February 2020
For the purposes of this agreement:
1: “The Client” or “You” means the Company, Agency, Organisation, Sole Trader or Private Individual commissioning the copywriting services of Andrew Baskott.
2: “I”, “Me” or "My" means Andrew Baskott.
3: “We” or “Us” means you, The Client, and me, Andrew Baskott.
4: “Material”, “Materials”, “Copy”, or “Draft” refers to the written item(s) produced by Andrew Baskott as stated in the written project brief confirmation received from you.
5: "Project" or "Assignment(s)" means the work as a whole you are commissioning me to undertake on your behalf.

1: An assignment placed with Andrew Baskott is only accepted on the basis that the contract is between Me and the Client commissioning the project, and not with any third-party.
2: All contracts are accepted on the basis that it is only the Terms and Conditions of Andrew Baskott that are applicable.
3: It will be deemed that by asking me to proceed with producing the relevant materials requested for your project, you accept these Terms and Conditions in full. Any amendments proffered by the Client are specifically excluded. See also clause 15.
4: It is also deemed that the person named on the confirmation requesting me to proceed with the project has the necessary authority or permission to make such a request.

I will require from you as much information as possible so that I can best produce the material(s) you require to meet your objectives. We will work together on forming the Project Brief. As part of this I will ask you to send me a written brief with as much detail as you can provide. We can then discuss this further to fine-tune the details of exactly what you need, if necessary. AN IMPORTANT POINT to remember is that if you only provide me with a vague brief, then this will inevitably make it much harder for me to produce the best work I can. A vague brief can mean it takes me much longer to write and/or research the copy you've asked for. And time is money - your money! To help you write a detailed brief, I've produced a COPYWRITING PROJECT BRIEF QUESTIONNAIRE. A list of useful things for me to know in advance where possible.

Most assignments are charged on a project-by-project basis. That way you'll know the exact cost of the job from the start. My fee will be based on (but not limited to): how detailed the brief is, how urgent the work is, the word count, the complexity and how much time I will need to research, create and write your project. However, if you make changes to the scope of the project once it is underway, then I reserve the right to amend the fee I have quoted. My fee generally includes:
  • Initial consultation/brief preparation
  • Research
  • Creative processes and writing a first draft
  • Two sets of revisions (if needed)
  • Final checks
  • Delivery of completed project as a Word document or pdf
    • My fee does not include meetings with designers, web designers or any other agency connected with your project. Such meetings would be subject to additional charges.

      I am not registered for VAT. I am, however, professionally insured with Policy Bee

      These are charged at an hourly rate based on my half-day rate. There is a minimum chargeable fee for such work. See also clause 8.

      I shall need a written confirmation from you (by email or letter) confirming your acceptance of my fee, any agreed deadline(s), details of the project brief we have created together and your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. I will also require from you a 50% deposit of my fee. Payment to be made by BACS. Assignments undertaken for non UK-based clients must be paid in advance, in full, by bank transfer in GBP Sterling.

      While I'm quite happy to work with a team as part of your project, I will require you to provide me with a single point of contact; someone who has both decision-making and approval authority.

      If the project scope is changed by you at any point after confirmation, that may mean I'll need more time to undertake the work; whether that's in terms of researching or writing. I therefore reserve the right to amend the project fee I have quoted accordingly.

      My project fee includes a first draft and two sets of revisions if needed. After your receipt of each draft, you have 7 working days in which to Email me with any changes you wish me to make. If you do not provide me with any feedback within that time, I will take it that no changes to the copy are to be made and will issue my invoice accordingly.

      7: DEADLINES
      I've not missed one yet and will always do my absolute best to meet an agreed deadline. However, sometimes things don't go according to plan. And so, unfortunately, I cannot be held responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond my control. These may include such things as illness, family crisis, disruption to power supply, loss of internet, cyber attack, computer failure, terrorism etc. I will, however, always inform you of any potential delay and minimise its effect as much as possible.

      My meeting of any deadline is also dependent upon you supplying any requested information and/or feedback to draft revisions to me as speedily as possible. I therefore cannot be held responsible for any delays or missed deadlines caused by your failure to provide such information or feedback in the time asked for.

      All payments to be made by bank transfer (BACS). As already stated, I require payment of a 50% deposit before work can commence. The balance is then payable within 14 days of final invoice date. Assignments undertaken for non UK-based clients must be paid for in advance, in full, by bank transfer in GBP Sterling.

      For small copywriting assignments the full amount will be payable in advance, unless you are a trusted regular client.

      For ongoing or large-scale projects, then we can agree some payment milestones (first draft etc.), if you prefer.

      PLEASE NOTE: Late payment charges may be made on any invoice remaining unpaid after 14 days under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 or any amendment or re-enactment thereof (see here for details). Other legal costs may also be incurred by you for the recovery of outstanding fees owed.

      Should you cancel the project after the start date then I reserve the right to charge you for the amount of work undertaken up to that point. If you cancel after delivery of the first draft, then you will be immediately liable for the full project fee.

      10: COPYRIGHT
      The copyright on the material(s) I supply for your project will only pass to you upon your full payment of my final invoice. However, please note, for the promotion of my services, I reserve the right to show the copy I've produced for you, either whole or in part, on my website or other online portfolio. Or as a link to a website on which the copy features, unless you specifically request me not to at the time of commissioning the project.

      You confirm that you own the copyright or have the right or consent to use any previously commissioned marketing literature or any other written information that you supply to me that may then be incorporated within the material(s) I produce for your project. You also confirm that should a dispute arise between you and a third-party regarding the use of any such literature or information, you will fully indemnify me against any claim (legal or otherwise) for a breach of copyright, trademark, design or other intellectual property right.

      You are responsible for ensuring that all statistics, quotations, references and any other supporting information you supply in relation to the project are accurate and lawful.

      I will make every effort to ensure that all material(s) supplied to you shall, where necessary, comply with any relevant UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules and regulations. However, it is entirely the responsibility of the Client to submit all copy for legal review should they wish.

      12: ERRORS
      I shall make every effort to ensure there are no errors, omissions, misrepresentations or any other inaccuracy in the materials I supply to you. However, the final responsibility for checking such matters rests entirely with you. No responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions etc. subsequently found in the copy written for your project once you have accepted and signed-off on the material(s) supplied.

      I will not disclose to any third-party any confidential information that you may supply to me in relation to your project.

      This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

      15: VARIATION
      These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied in any way except by the written agreement of Andrew Baskott.
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