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I am happy to write on almost any subject (within reason), but the areas where I have a particularly strong interest, knowledge or writing experience, are...
  • Architecture - from heritage locations to modern developments
  • Countryside services, Agriculture and the Environment
  • Garden design, Garden locations, Garden products and services
  • the Great Outdoors - UK places, outdoor products and activities
  • Photography - photographers, photographic services and accessories
  • Property, leisure and lifestyle
  • UK Travel and tourism
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What can I say? Your words took me on a journey. I was fully engaged and absolutely loved the writing style!
Toni-Ann Bird, Director, Guild House Estate Agents


Advertisements - creating straplines, taglines, pay-per-click ads and print advertising copy

Advertising Features/Advertorials - written in an editorial style this is copy that informs while at the same time promote and sell your service or product

Articles & Features - writing informative articles and illustrated features for print and online

Brochures & Leaflets - well-crafted words complemented with great images creating a brochure or leaflet that just can't be ignored

Case Studies - An in-depth piece of PR writing showing the benefits of your products/services through the words of your customers

Direct Mail - with only 2½ seconds to grab attention (according to Royal Mail), Direct Mail copy has to be well-written and engaging from the start

Newsletters - writing an informative/entertaining editorial pieces for your staff or customers

Press Releases - writing so that your message is more likely to be used by more editors and so seen by a wider audience

Product Descriptions - written to engage with potential customers and make a sale

Sales Letters - as long as necessary and written in an appropriately persuasive tone of voice with a strong call-to-action

SEO Articles - Articles written with the aim to boost your search rankings with google and the like

Web pages - from a single page refresh to writing content for your whole site

And if you're looking for something not shown or you're not quite sure what you need, let me know, for I may still be able to help. Or if not, at least try and suggest someone who might.


Copy-Editing | Here I can add a little polish to the words you've already written. I don't rewrite your words nor add any more, but simply check what you've written makes sense and provide help where it doesn't. I'll also check for any errors (spelling or grammatical) and highlight where they occur.

I may also suggest where you could shuffle the sentence/paragraph order around a little to improve flow or emphasis. Since, to slightly rephrase a line by the late, great Eric Morecambe, you might be "using all the right words, but not necessarily in the best order." And, finally, perhaps offer you some suggestions for extra information you may wish to add.

Picture Searches / Research | If you need a specific image or images to accompany the copy I've written for you. Or simply want some advice on how best to use some already chosen images, please let me know, for it's all part of the service I offer. I can source pictures (and illustrations) from a variety of online libraries as well as from my own extensive collection of images. You can find out more about my photography services here.

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... forty years of life and work summed up in one thousand words, which flow together and read beautifully! That, Andrew, is very clever and thoroughly well done.
Frank Lawley - author and, together with his wife Marjorie, the owner and creator of the gardens of Herterton House, Northumberland.

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