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I am happy to write on almost any subject (within reason), but the areas where I have a particularly strong interest and relevant writing experience, are...
  • Architecture (heritage locations & contemporary developments / design)
  • Countryside, Environment and anything connected with the Great outdoors
  • Gardens/Garden design
  • Historic places and attractions/History
  • Photography - the vision and the technical
  • UK Travel and tourism

Advertisement copy - creating straplines, taglines and advertising copy

Advertorial copy - written in an editorial style this is copy that informs while at the same time promote and sell your service or product

Article & Features copy - writing informative articles and illustrated features for print and online

Brochure copy - well-crafted words complemented with great images creating a brochure or leaflet that just can't be ignored

Case Study copy - An in-depth piece of PR writing showing the benefits of your products/services through the words of your customers

Direct Mail copy - with only 2½ seconds to grab attention (according to Royal Mail), Direct Mail copy has to be well-written and engaging from the start

Newsletter copy - writing an informative/entertaining editorial piece for your staff or customers

Press Release copy - writing so that your message is more likely to be used by more editors and so seen by a wider audience

Product Description copy - written to engage with potential customers and make a sale

Sales Letter copy - as long as necessary and written in an appropriately persuasive tone of voice with a strong call-to-action

SEO Content - written with the aim to boost your search rankings with google and the like

Web page copy - from a single page refresh to writing content for your whole site

White Paper copy - writing in a detailed and informative way for your particular business sector without the sell-factor

And if you're looking for something not shown or you're not quite sure what you need, let me know, for I may still be able to help. Or if not, at least try and suggest someone who might.


Editing | Here I can add a little polish to the words you've already written. I don't rewrite your words nor add any more, but simply check what you've written makes sense and also for any errors (spelling or grammatical). I may also suggest you shuffle the sentence/paragraph order around a little to improve flow or emphasis. Since, to slightly rephrase a line by the late, great Eric Morecambe, you might be "using all the right words, but not necessarily in the best order." Or I could offer some suggestions for extra information you may wish to add.

Photography | See my Photography page for full details. I can work on either a commissioned basis, creating bespoke images for your project. Or I may well have suitable images already on file. Failing that...

Picture Searches / Research | If you need to look further afield for a specific image or simply want some advice on how best to use some chosen images with the copy, please let me know, for it's all part of the service I offer.

"...forty years of life and work summed up in one thousand words, which flow together and read beautifully! That, Andrew, is very clever and thoroughly well done."
Frank Lawley - author, owner and creator of Herterton House gardens in Northumberland.

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I'd love to hear from you, so please GET IN TOUCH for some great copywriting that can make a real difference. I can work with you wherever you're based. Whether that's here in Northampton, in Northamptonshire, the East Midlands or beyond.

My copywriting Terms and Conditions will apply to all assignments.

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