My Copywriting Rates for 2020

Just how much does a diploma qualified freelance Copywriter charge? Here, I shine a little light on how I work and what my copywriting services might cost you.

Why it pays to hire a Professional Copywriter

It's only natural that you might be tempted to write all your copy yourself. But there's so much more to copywriting than simply stringing words and sentences together.

As well as having some writing creativity, there's the ability to research the details to consider too. Along with being able to see beyond the obvious. Which is why writing great copy takes time and effort. And why you should hire a professional copywriter. So, sit back and think of all the time and hassle you'll save in the process.

So, how much will my attention-grabbing, hassle-free copywriting cost you?

As an experienced writer, I bring you copy that's highly readable at an affordable price. My rates take into account many factors, including where I'm based - Northampton isn't London, after all. Yes, you'll be able to find cheaper copywriting rates if you look hard enough. But being cheap rarely equates to quality or value. And can all too easily go horribly wrong.

Cheap can suddenly become very expensive. And not just for putting things right. There's your reputation too.

So why risk it? I may not be the cheapest copywriter, but nor am I the most expensive. So, when you hire me you'll not be funding a luxury lifestyle. Or paying agency-like fees or big-city rates either.

I'm a member of the Alliance of Commercial Writers and according to their 2019 survey of 514 copywriters, the average UK copywriting day rate is around £350. As a comparison, mine is a very reasonable £300. A fair price to pay for great writing. So, what are you waiting for?

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    Because every assignment is different, I charge on a project-by-project basis. That way, the whole process is tailored exclusively to your individual needs and you'll know the exact cost of the job from the start. A project fee generally includes:

    • Initial consultation/brief preparation
    • Research
    • Creative processes and writing a first draft
    • Two sets of revisions (if needed)
    • Final checks
    • Delivery of completed project as a Word document or pdf


      The rates shown below are a varied guide to give you an idea of likely costs. An example word count is shown for price illustration purposes and do not indicate a minimum or maximum number of words available to you.

      My fees are always based on (but not limited to): how detailed the brief is, how urgent the work is, the word count, the complexity and how much time I will need to research, create and write your project. And so the exact cost of your copywriting project will vary according to your specific requirements. Please get in touch for your very own bespoke project quotation.

      Copywriting - Full-day rate£300
      Copywriting - Minimum chargeable fee£75
      Copy-Editing - for your Printed materials or Website (minimum fee is £30)£60 per 1000 words

      As a guide, each service price is based on the example word count in brackets.
      Print Advertising Features / Advertorials - (price based on 750 words)from £195
      Articles & Features for Publications/Newsletters (500 words)from £125
      Print Brochures - folded or multi-page (1200 words)from £260
      Case Studies - Print or Website (400 words)from £135
      Direct Mail Sales Letters: (500 words / 1000 words)from £180 / £285
      Postcards, Leaflets & Posters (200 words)from £85
      Press Releases (250 words) - Press release distribution not includedfrom £100
      Product Descriptionsfrom £3.75 each
      Stand alone fully researched SEO Articles (750 words)from £175 *
      Taglines, Straplines & Slogansfrom £220
      Website copy package: 4 pages - Home, About, Services + 1 page of your choicefrom £590 *
      Each additional web page (up to 450 words)from £125 *
      Single web page (up to 450 words)from £160 *
      * Includes SEO - keywords, page title tags, alt elements and meta descriptions
      • An assignment with an urgent deadline that will require evening and/or weekend working in order to meet it, will usually be charged at 30% above my normal rates. I may also ask for the full fee to be paid in advance.

      My copywriting Terms and Conditions will apply to all projects.

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