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Your guide to my freelance Copywriting Services and Rates for 2020. For creative copy and content with just the right words, it's all you need to know.
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Copywriting is essentially about using just the right words in just the right way.

Harnessing the power of words through great writing is a sure-fired way to get your message read. And elicit a response. Better still, to make your readers feel something. Like, a desire for your product. A need for your services. Or maybe the excited anticipation of exploring your world. Because without evoking a feeling - an emotion - you can't hope to engage them.

But writing creatively and with meaning isn't for everyone. Which is where I come in - I'll write your copy for you. And save you all the hassle. Bringing you writing that can sell, win hearts, inform, entertain, inspire and much more besides. In short, I write words that are worth reading.


You'll know this already if you've read my homepage: practically anyone and on pretty much any subject. But, if you've landed on this page first, you'll want to know about my specialist copywriting niches too. They are...

• Photography: Photographers | Photographic Services | Photography products and accessories

• Property & Interiors: Modern, Traditional, Luxury, Period and Heritage | Interior Design and products

• the Great Outdoors: Outdoor wear and equipment | Outdoor activities | Places to go | Nature Conservation

• Garden Services: Designers | Gardening products and services | Gardens to visit

• UK Travel | Heritage tourism

• Leisure | Lifestyle | Wellbeing

• Agricultural Services | Horticultural Services | Environmental Services


If you're beginning to think my copywriting niches tend to have a bit of an outdoor theme about them, don't worry, I can turn my hand to writing about non-outdoors-y stuff too.

For example, high-end properties and their interiors are something I regularly write for. Here, I craft the content for multi-page marketing brochures, each written very differently from your usual dry and boring estate agent 'blurb'. As a result, these are assignments that I thoroughly enjoy because writing to hook an emotion is a style I love using. One that has many possibilities.

As different again are the web pages I've written on cyber-security, business resilience and archiving. Three very diverse subjects that are about as far removed from the great outdoors as you can possibly get! And requiring a very different writing style too.

So, get in touch and tell me about the words you need. Whatever it is you do - indoors or out.

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What can I say? Your words took me on a journey. I was fully engaged and absolutely loved the writing style! Toni-Ann Bird, Director, Guild House Estate Agents


Whatever it is you do, wherever you're based, I can write just the words you need for any of the following:
Advertising copy for Print & DigitalAdvertising Features/AdvertorialsArticles & Features
Brochures, Leaflets, Cards, Posters etc.Case StudiesNewsletter copy
Press ReleasesProduct DescriptionsSales Letters
SEO & SEO ArticlesTaglines, Straplines & SlogansWebsite copy
And if you're looking for something not shown, then please let me know for I may still be able to help you. Or at least suggest another copywriter who might.

My other closely related services:


This is where I can add a little polish to the words you've already written. To make your words really shine. Whether it's for your website or printed material, I can check that what you've written makes sense. That it's clear and concise throughout and provide you with advice where it isn't. Or, if it only a small section or two, I can re-write the text for you. I'll also check for any errors in spelling or grammar, and correct them for you.

I may also shuffle your own sentence/paragraph order around a little to improve flow or emphasis. Since, to slightly rephrase a line by the late, great Eric Morecambe, you might be...

"Using all the right words, but not necessarily in the best order."

And finally, I may be able to offer you some suggestions for extra details you may wish to add. Because sometimes someone with an 'outsider's' perspective can spot where more information might be helpful for your prospective audience.


With 20 years' spent working as a professional freelance landscape and location photographer, I know a thing or two about the art of photography. Especially what makes a picture work.

So, If you need a specific image or images to accompany the copy I've written for you, or simply want some advice on how best to use some already chosen images, then I can help you make the right choice. I can source pictures (and illustrations) from a variety of online libraries as well as from my own extensive collection of images. You can find out more from my stock photography page.

Finally, something important you'll want to know!

How much does great copywriting cost?

At this point you're probably wondering 'What does a diploma qualified freelance Copywriter charge?' You'll find many copywriters are a bit coy about showing you their fees. But I think it's best to try and provide as much information up-front as possible.

That said, unfortunately, there are far too many assignment variations for me to provide a fixed price list, but I can at least give you a rough guide to my freelance copywriting rates for 2020.

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Great work, Andrew! The additional content you've written for us is brilliant.
Abner Almeida, Director, MimeSURE Ltd - specialists in cyber-security and business resilience.

Get the quality writing your project deserves


I can write for you wherever you're based. Whether that's here in Northampton, in Northamptonshire, the East Midlands and anywhere else in the UK and around the world.

My copywriting Terms and Conditions will apply to all assignments.

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