My Copywriting Rates

Just how much does a UK-based freelance copywriter charge? Here, I shine a little light on how I work and what my writing might cost you.

How much will my copywriting services cost you?

Not nearly as much as you might be thinking.

As an experienced writer, I bring you original and engaging copy at a very reasonable price. How reasonable? Well, according to the latest ProCopywriters' Network survey for 2020, the average UK copywriting day rate is a smidgen under £380.

By comparison, mine is £285 - a refreshingly affordable rate for writing that brings your world to life with just the right words. And saves you a lot of time, money and hassle in the process.

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    For anyone needing a copywriter, we highly recommend Andrew. He's effective, efficient and knows what he's doing! Peter Tyler and Gordana Mandic of Tyler Mandic Ltd, Architects & Fine Builders, Chelsea.

        HOW I WORK

        I charge on a project-by-project basis because every assignment is different. A quote will generally take into account every aspect of the work and writing required. That way you'll know the exact cost from the start with no nasty surprises at the end.

        My fees are based on (but not limited to): how detailed the brief is, how urgent the work is, the word count, the complexity, and how much time it will take me to research, create and then write what you need. A quoted fee will usually include:

        • Consultation/fine-tuning the brief
        • Research
        • Creative processes
        • All writing and editing for a first draft
        • Two sets of revisions (if needed)
        • Final checks
        • Delivery of completed project - usually as a Word document
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            Andrew ... has a wealth of creative ideas that he can translate into copy that’s persuasive, accurate and interesting to read. If you’re after copy with character, charm and impact, Andrew is your man. Lucy Van Biljon, freelance copywriter and a College of Media & Publishing tutor.

                MY COPYWRITING RATES

                Copywriting - Full-day rate£285
                Copywriting – Half-day rate£180
                Copywriting - Minimum chargeable fee£100
                Copy-Editing for your printed materials or Websitefrom £35 per page

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                    Set out below is a guide to the writing services I offer and my fees. However, because things like word counts, complexity, levels of research and the amount of time involved will always differ from client to client, these prices are not set in stone. So, for a price based on your specific writing requirements, please get in touch and tell me what you need.
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                        If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.
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                            Writing Services and Prices Guide For 2021 / 2022

                            Advertising Features / Advertorials / Promotions - (single page / DPS)from £180 / £285
                            Advertising copy (non-editorial) - Print from £285
                            Articles / Blogs - fully researched, SEO-friendly, up to 3 images (500+ words)from £180 *
                            Brochures and Company Reports - 8+ pagesfrom £425
                            Cards - A6 postcard size and above, single or double-sidedfrom £120
                            Case Studies - Print or Websitefrom £220
                            Direct Mail Sales Letters - (1 - 2 pages / 3+ pages)from £200 / £300
                            Email Sales Lettersfrom £145
                            Leaflets and Flyers – A5 / A4 sizes single or double sided and foldedfrom £160
                            Press Release - includes 1 interview or questionnaire but not distributionfrom £125
                            Product Descriptions | Short, Medium or Long with keywordsfrom £100
                            Taglines, Straplines & Slogans - with as many to choose from as possiblefrom £180
                            Website Package: 4 pages - Home, About, Services + 1 page of your choicefrom £800 *
                            Each additional web page thereafterfrom £170 per page *
                            * Includes SEO (keywords and phrases, alt-text and meta descriptions)
                            Need your copy in a hurry? If you have an urgent deadline for your copy then I'm afraid I'm not the copywriter you want. Writing in a rush to meet a very tight deadline isn't how I like to work. And it's not the best use of your budget either as you'll probably end up with writing that's less than perfect.

                            To write anything that's going to be effective and worth reading, it needs a little time to be teased and tweaked into being the best it can be. So, the more you allow for that, the better.

                            However, so long as what you're asking for is realistically possible in the timescale you need it, I'll happily fit your project into my schedule. And to ensure everything runs smoothly, we can agree on timelines that work for both of us. I rarely take on more than 4-5 projects in any one month, so you can also be sure that the work I undertake for you will receive all the time, care and attention it needs.

                            My copywriting Terms and Conditions will apply to all projects.

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